Since 2018, Alt-3D has been the exclusive distributor for iSquared Products in  North America. Our goal has been to provide the highest quality, affordable materials for Stratasys machines.  Based in Lynnville, TN, we have a 100% money back guarantee and we can ship same day anywhere in the North America.

Since 2009, iSQUARED based in Switzerland, offers an alternative to FDM and Polyjet printing material used in Stratasys 3D printers. The materials are 100% compatible with machines of the Dimension series (Elite, SST1200es, SST1200, SST768, BST1200es, BST1200, BST768, SHDM-1000), the uPrint series (uPrint, uPrint Plus, uPrintSE, uPrintSE Plus), the Fortus series (900mc, 900mc Plus, 450mc, 400mc, 400mc Plus, 380mc, 360mc, 360mc Plus, 250mc and 200mc), the F123 serie (F170, F270, F370), the Prodigy series and the FDM series (1600 to 8000, Titan, Vantage, Quantum and Maxum). Our 3D printer material replaces the manufacturer’s original material and can be used instead of the following products: ABS P400, ABSplus P430, ABS M30, ASA, ULTEM, PC, SR30, P400SR, SUP705, SUP706 and the Vero Family.

In addition we offer 3DGence, Nexa, and DM Fiber 3D printers, through Cimquest Inc.