What guarantee do you offer?

Our products can be used instead of those by the original manufacturer with absolute certainty and reliance. Alt-3D guarantees that your products are absolutely free of defects on delivery. Nevertheless, should you face difficulties or if you are not completely satisfied with one of our products, please contact us immediately. Alt-3D will replace the product or refund the full amount paid for.

Which products for Stratasys technologies do you offer?

We do offer materials FDM- and PolyJet systems.

In how far do your materials differ from OEM products in regard to their technical properties?

iSQUARED materials have very similar technical properties compared to their OEM counterparts.

Which payment options do you offer?

We do accept payment most all major forms of payment. Check, bank transfer, credit card, paypal, venmo, apple pay, google pay, etc. Contact us if you have questions regarding payment.

Why should I use iSQUARED materials and spare parts for my 3D printers?

You will save up to 50% costs by using our material, compared to the OEM product. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of modularly designed spare parts with whom you can repair your printer - without the need to replace entire assembly units, thus saving even more costs.

Which offers do you make for new prospects?

Benefit from our test spool offer! You will receive an FDM spool in your color of choice. You can then test iSQUARED materials on your own machine for 60 days - satisfaction guaranteed, you only pay for the spool if you are satisfied!

In how far are iSQUARED materials suitable for medical applications?iSQUARED materials are used successfully in a multitude of industries including medical engineering and pharmacy. In special cases, please learn the chemical composition of our materials from our data sheets as we cannot offer a mandatory medical certification.

Please contact us if you have any further questions!